Getting Netflix to work better on your internet service.

Due to the high volume of customers watching Netflix, We highly recommend customers changing there video quality on Netflix to the Good Quality Video. This is close to DVD quality, when using the 59.99 service plan. This will help make the video smooth and less likely to cut out and buffer.

Netflix Speed Guide.

Good Quality = 667 Kb's Sec or 0.667 Mb's
Better Quality = 1300 Kb's Sec or 1.3 Mb's
Best Quality= 2200-4400 kb's Sec or 2.2-4.4 Mb's sec

Here are some quick instructions to change your video quality. Website Click here

Step 1

Login to your Netflix account and navigate to the top right of your screen and click “Your Account & Help” as pictured below.




Step 2

You should now be at the “Your Account & Help” page. Navigate to the right of screen and under the options menu titled “MANAGE ACCOUNT” your going to want to click on “Manage Video Quality” which should be the first option listed. Again you can refer to the picture below.



Step 3

You should now be brought to a screen with 3 options: good quality, better quality and best quality. Please change your settings to the Good quality. Than click save.

 Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you found this helpful.